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Your very own "Dome Labels" with your own dealership name, make of vehicle, and the name of your city. The finest security frames made from lite weight aluminum which will last forever. These frames are manufactured in the USA by our local machine shops.

The very first locking license plate frame, folding, reversible and registration tag security frames in the whole wide world! (patent # 7,836,618, B1)

So unique is this security frame that once it is folded and locked you can not any longer remove the screws (or bolts) that attaches your license plate and security frame to your vehicle. The screws (or bolts) are not any longer exposed. Your registration tags are also locked on under unbreakable "lexan" windows. These small windows cover over your registration tags only, again they are 100% legal. The heavy duty lock used on this frame is embedded inside of a heavy piece of aluminum which thieves will not compromise! (WE GUARANTEE IT!)

Checkout our demo for LU-6000 installation

Examples of Raised Dome Labels on LU-6000- Double Click to see larger photo

Frames for Sale -Dome Labels are Demos

Dealer Example of stickers

For the first time ever you can offer your customers a beautiful product that they have never had the opportunity to purchase before. The theft of license plates and registration "tags" is an on going problem and until now there has not been any real solutions. Give us a call and let us provide you these frames to install on a couple of your new vehicles that are on your show room floor for your customers to see.

LU-600MC Motorcycle Frame with Iron Horse Raised Dome Labels

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These frames have been approved by our State Legislatures and welcomed by all law enforcement agencies.

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There is not any charge to your dealership until 60 days after the frames have been sold. This is just another way to give your customers a choice they did not have before. Each time a frame is sold your dealership receives a good profit!

Any questions you may contact us at 510-796-5853


36425 Newark Blvd

Newark, California 94560

(510) 796-5853

 Main Web site: www.lockum.com


Lockum Owner/Manager- Steve Parenti

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